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Real Lottery Winner Shares His Lotto Secrets

Phil Sears/AP Melissa Weinmann has had a good week. First, the Defense Department civilian in Pensacola, Fla., learned her furlough days were reduced from 11 to six. Not bad. Days later, she won $1 million after hitting the Powerball lottery. Even better. Weinmann had all five numbers correct on her ticket, according to the Pensacola News Journal , but not the Powerball number itself that would have entitled her to a share of the $448 million jackpot. After the numbers were announced, her boss gave her the day off to celebrate. The next day, Weinmann -- whose husband works for the U.S. Marine Corps -- was furloughed. Despite her newfound fortunes, Weinmann will continue her service to the federal government. I loved to work, she told the News Journal. If I didnt have my work Id be lost.
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